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each journey begins with one step . . . a baby step

9 weeks . . . June 6, 2012

9 weeks today.

Feeling ok.  Still dealing with nausea everyday.  Saturday I took the new med I got for nausea.  It seemed to help.  Haven’t take one since.  Buddy had a play date and I wanted to feel better for it.  The “boys” had a lot of fun playing and rough-housing and hubby and I also had a great time visiting with our friend.  She was so sweet and brought me an Anti-morning sickness gift basket that she put together.

Lots of goodies in there!  She did all the research to make sure they would do the trick! 🙂  Wheat Thins, peppermints, 2 kinds of tea, lotion, almonds and a cute mug.  You can see it at the lower right.  It was so thoughtful and I am grateful for her friendship!


We broke the news to my brother and SIL on Friday evening.  I didn’t want to wait until we told everyone because they are family, but I wanted to wait a little while.  They were happy for us and want to be included in getting the pictures of the u/s.  I was glad to tell them.  There are days I am getting anxious to tell everyone, so it helped to tell them.  That should get me through the next 3-4 weeks or so, until we can tell others.  Not sure exactly when that will be, but probably the beginning of July.  I want to see when we are going to be turned over to the OB and when that first appointment will be.


Does anyone watch “Giuliana and Bill?”  We have watched from the beginning and throughout their entire journey.  I have to say with each new season it has become quite apparent that the show is scripted.  Not saying that they haven’t gone through what they have gone through, but parts of the show (filler) are a little cheesy.

So last night was the season finale.  And for those who haven’t watched it “spoiler alert.”  For most of the episode they talked about getting into the “safe zone,” past the 12 week mark.  Typically that is what is considered the safe zone.  Throughout the entire pregnancy there is always a chance that something could go wrong, but once you get past the 3-month mark they odds are in your favor that nothing will happen.  So they wanted to get past the 3-month mark before they told their friends, etc.

They mentioned that they were going to see the gestational carrier for the 12-week ultrasound.  They showed this.  First off, you could tell that the carrier was further along than 12 weeks.  He belly was sticking out and the baby on the monitor was a lot bigger and more defined than what you would expect to see at 12 weeks.  Then came the kicker!  They asked the nurse if she could see what the gender of the baby was.  Really?

Gender exams are typically done around weeks 18-20, not at 12 weeks!  So then they go and tell their friends that they are expecting and I caught one of Giuliana’s makeup people (or someone) saying “5 months”.  BUSTED!!!  They talked the whole episode about getting to 12 weeks and it turns out they waited until 20 weeks to break the news.

The point I am trying to make is not that they should have told people at 12 weeks.  It is an individual choice when to tell people.  If they waited until the baby was born that is their choice.  But to mislead people into thinking that they were waiting until 12 weeks and that they can determine gender at 12 weeks is wrong and they should be ashamed of themselves.

We watched them go through IVF before we had to go through IVF, so I felt like I actually learned some things along the way.  But now that I am pregnant and reading books, and learning of other people’s experiences about pregnancy, it just seems like they are being irresponsible in the way they portray it.

Just my 2 cents.


I have another ultrasound on Friday.  Hubby won’t be there, but we will get another one on Tuesday and he will get to see the pictures from Friday when he gets back into town on Sunday.  I hate that he has to go away for almost 3 days.  I have already cried about it.  I feel like a big baby.  But we haven’t been apart from each other that often in our marriage.  And I think I am just extra hormonal and that is one reason why this is going to be hard.  I think I just worry too about him traveling so far.  He is going to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands for a corporate function.  He has to fly there Friday, the gig is Saturday and he will fly back Sunday.  I got to tag along with him a couple of years ago when he had a private event for New Years, but not this time.  We didn’t know I would be pregnant when he booked it, but they are covering his airfare and not mine, so it is just too expensive to fly and we definitely need to save the money now.  Just pray that he has safe travels!

Thanks for reading.


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