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june 1 . . . June 1, 2012

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I can’t believe it is already June.  Where has the time gone?

We had a good ultrasound this morning.  There is still an area in the uterus that looks like might bleed again.  The nurse said it looks a little clotty.  It might be absorbed or bleed, so try not to worry.  um…ok.  She did say it was away from the sac so it does not cause any problem to the baby.  Whew!

Today the baby is measuring 8 weeks, 3 days.  It was hard to see, but the nurse pointed to an area and said that is the arm buds and you can maybe see a little leg buds.  In the coming weeks we will be able to get a clearer picture.  Heart rate was a whopping 174bpm!

So baby is doing great!

Our next appointment is with the nurse practitioner (NP).  She is only at that office on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Next Friday, hubby is going to be out-of-town.  So we tried for Tuesday and she is booked.  So we have an appointment with her on June 12.  The lady making the appointment asked if I wanted to come in for an u/s next Friday so I didn’t have to wait so long and I said yes.  This way, if I do bleed in the next week I won’t have to wait/worry an additional few days.  At least hubby will be there to ask the NP any questions and she will do another u/s as well too.  I feel so spoiled with all the ultrasounds we are getting.  I realize that once we are released to the OB I probably won’t get too many.

I am also pleased to report that things are still moving along for me!  The nausea has been ok to deal with.  Although last night was really a challenge.  I talked with the nurse about the new med that was prescribed and she said she has had a lot of women respond very well to it.  So I felt better after talking to her and I won’t be afraid to take it when I really need to.

And I asked about the pain I had been feeling and she confirmed that it is indeed round ligament pain and that it will probably get worse as I get farther along.  Woo hoo!  All a part of this wonderful roller coaster ride called pregnancy.  As long as the baby is ok I will take what I get…well, I really don’t want the constipation again.  😦


So I think I will let my brother and his family know today that we are expecting.  They are aware of our struggle but not all the details.  I don’t want to wait and tell them when I tell everyone else, they are family after all.  My parents are actually flying out to see them (they live in Phoenix) and so I will probably give them a call tonight to share the news.  I know they have been praying for us and were worried how I handled Mother’s Day.  So at least they will now know that it was a pretty good day. 🙂

We haven’t told hubby’s Dad yet.  He wants to wait until we are 12 weeks.  I am ok with that.  I leave that up to him.

Speaking of telling people.  A fellow blogger revealed on FB the other day and did it in a really cute way (scroll down on the link).  So that has got me thinking of ways to announce it, when the time comes.  I had originally thought about just saying something like “After a long 3 year struggle, we are ecstatic to announce we are expecting our first child.”  I don’t want to hide the fact that we had fertility issues, so I thought that said it without saying it.  But then after seeing the cute way my friend announced it, I thought I can do better than that!  Another friend has sent me a photo of sheet music awhile back.  Our last name begins with the letter O.  So I thought posting something like

“Coming this January . . .”

It is kind of subtle and might throw people off.  See my husband sings a lot of the old standards, so there is a chance they might think it has something to do with that.  What are your thoughts?  I still have 4 or so weeks to decide but wanted your opinions.


I feel like there is something else I wanted to tell you, but at the moment I am at a loss.  I will blame pregnancy brain for this one.  If I think of it I will post later or tomorrow.

(EDIT:  I just remembered.  I posted some “bump” photos.  If you look at the upper right corner you will see a page for those.)

Hope everyone has a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!!!

Thanks for reading!


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