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8 weeks . . . May 30, 2012

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Reached the 8 week mark today.  Only 7 months to go. 🙂  Still seems so far away.

Nausea update:  Been trying my hardest to not take anything for the nausea.  So that basically means that I have to eat something every hour.  Even if it is just a bite or two of something.  Been doing pretty well with that.  A single-serve greek yogurt (with fruit) or an apple or thanks to a friend who mentioned it in one of her comments a while back, Cheetos.  If I have something “bad” I always make sure to eat something good to balance it out.  Isn’t that how you do it?  Kind of like ordering a big mac and a diet coke.  LOL

And as far as the blockage issue . . . I think it has been solved by not taking any Zofran.  You have no idea how relieved I am knowing that things are moving along as they should.  I still take Colace at night and I might for some time.  But it is safe and much better than the alternative.


I had a question for those of you who have been pregnant or are currently pregnant.  Last night and more so today I have been experiencing some pain.  It isn’t really like cramping pain but it feels like some muscle pain in my lower abdomen, below the belly button but on the sides; left and right.  I was wondering if this is what they call round ligament pain.  From the things I have read, this mostly shows up in the 2nd and 3rd trimester, but I think you can get this in the 1st as well.  Any thoughts on this?

Other than that, the only pain I have is from the stress I went through Sunday.  I think part of my lower back is out.  I get a shooting pain down my right buttock.  Feels like I need to pop my lower back or my hip might be out.  Is it safe to visit a chiropractor?  I guess I could Dr. Google, but curious what you all think.  I will ask at my appointment on Friday.  Hoping it kind of corrects itself.


Did a little work in my flower garden today.  Well, there are no flowers yet, but hoping to get to that Friday.  I dug out some of the weeds and put some new garden soil in.  The ground was so hard I had to water it a bit to loosen the dirt around the weeds.  Doing that little bit of work, really took it out of me.  It is supposed to rain here tomorrow, so I am counting on that to make the soil easier to work with.  I will then get some flowers and hopefully plant them Friday.  We are actually having some cool weather for the next few days so I hope to take advantage of it.  Then once I get that done I will work on the vegetable garden.

Thanks for reading.


6 Responses to “8 weeks . . .”

  1. Lori Says:

    Just wait until you feel like your belly button is flipping inside out! LOL! The pulling and straining sensations in your belly are VERY normal. I had it with all three kiddos. Started earliest with my first kiddo because my tummy wasn’t already stretched out from previous pregnancy. I also saw a chiropractor for my back pain – they have special “back popping instruments” for pregnant women! Seriously! It also helps to do the floor exercises. On the floor on all fours – let your back relax and tilt your head back, then reverse by arching your back and pulling your head to your chest. It really helps with the muscle tension in your back from the pregnancy. It also helps to sleep with your knees slightly elevated on a pillow at night. It takes some of the pressure off your lower back. Hopefully your nausea will improve as time progresses. Sometimes I found that eating something a bit salty helped with my nausea – peanuts and almonds helped a bit – and of COURSE, Cheetos!!! LOL! I am just so excited for you! This is sooooo awesome!!!!

  2. No strenuous digging! Nurses orders! Rest and relax only. Easy walks….no digging! You could be experiencing pain from your uterus stretching…I would let your dr know!

    Happy eight weeks to you ! Glad you are doing better!


  3. happysiera Says:

    pains and twinges can differ person to person and start sooner for some than others … i think i had some definite pulling here and there, mostly right side … it doesn’t last very long and definitely feels different than uterine cramping, but certainly muscle or muscle-related … it’s crazy how our bodies change during pregnancy!

    so glad to hear you are keeping nausea at bay and that other things are moving along … wait til you have gas – lol!

    also – gardening can be hard work … definitely drink lots of water and do small spurts if you can …

    last thing – i’ve known many pregnant gals to visit the chiropractor … or even get prescriptions for prenatal massages covered by insurance … might have to look into it myself!

    woo-hoo 8 weeks!!!

  4. waitingforarosebud Says:

    Happy 8 weeks!!
    I’m only 3 days behind you and a few weeks ago I was getting the weird abdominal pain. Felt kinda like I’d done an amazing abdominal workout and each time I coughed or sneezed it would “pull” but never laste long. I’ve wondered of this was round ligament pain too.

  5. I’m definitely experiencing some of that same pain, especially after I’m on my feet for awhile. Seems like you’re normal to me! 🙂

  6. Katie Says:

    I had round ligament pain starting at 4 weeks and still have it today at 11 weeks, though not as bad. The back could be siatica (sp?) i.e. nerve.

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