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7 weeks . . . May 23, 2012

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Today I am 7 weeks.  Still very early, but moving along.  Anxiously awaiting our next ultrasound appointment this Friday!

After the panic on Monday, I spotted on and off the rest of that day and throughout the night.  Then nothing on Tuesday until right before bed.  More bleeding but not quite as heavy as the day before.  Then nothing so far today.  I still don’t like seeing the red, but I am not quite as scared as I had been.  There is no cramping or clots that come with it, so as long as it stays that way I am ok.  And after dealing with the bleeding before bed I saw this posted on FB by a friend and thought it was perfect for the moment.

I also learned a bit about morning sickness.  I was always under the impression that morning sickness meant that you were throwing up.  I was reading in one of the new books I got (more on that later) that “morning sickness refers to the nausea (with or without vomiting) that occurs during pregnancy.”  So all this time I thought I was just experiencing nausea but in fact it was full-blown morning sickness.  And I have been having it ALL day long.  It was getting pretty bad for me.  Again, no vomiting, but it was getting to the point where I could not function.  I did not want to eat, all I wanted to do was stay in bed.

I finally broke down and called the nurse yesterday.  I was going to wait until Friday when we go for our appointment but I thought, why put myself through that.  The nurse practitioner actually called me back and she agreed to prescribe me Zofran.  She warned me that it is an expensive medicine ( even the generics) and that insurance might only give me a 10 day prescription with my copay.  But she said if it got to be too much money, that she would call in something else.  So I called the pharmacy a couple of hours later and was told it would be ready soon.  I actually got a generic (Ondansetron) and for a one month supply (60 pills) it was only $13.  I was thrilled!!!

And more importantly, it is working!!!  I took one about 4:30pm last night after I picked it up and did feel better, but I figured the true test would be today.  I woke up and started feeling nauseated.  I took a pill and ate a couple of crackers.  After that I ate breakfast and have eaten lunch and I am pleased to report I still feel ok!  Typically after eating something about 30 min to an hour later the nausea returned.  Yesterday it actually stayed through me eating lunch and got worse after which is why I decided to call.

I can actually feel like I can function.  I still need to take things relatively easy because of the bleeding, but I feel so much better!


So last Saturday I decided to finally order a couple of books.  I got them Monday and have started to read this one and really like it.

Image Detail

I was originally thinking of getting “What to Expect When You Are Expecting” but after reading the reviews on this one, it was a better choice for me.

I also got another book on eating for pregnancy and a pregnancy journal.  I haven’t opened those yet, but will tell you all about them when I do.


One of the other things I have been dealing with lately is bloating!  Yes, part of it is my fault.  Because of the morning sickness I have not been eating as well as I should be.  The nurse practitioner told me after I expressed concern about nutrients for the baby, that as long as I was taking my prenatal vitamin, the baby was getting enough.  But once I get to the 2nd and 3rd trimester that is when I need to really watch and make sure I am eating better.  So I did feel better about that.  I know it is not a license to eat badly, but when you are trying to figure out what to eat and Chick-Fil-A or a McDonald’s burger is the only thing that sounds good, I won’t feel quite so badly about it.

So back to the bloating.  Feels worse after I eat, but it is also because I have been a little “stopped-up” if you get my meaning.  It isn’t completely, but I can definitely tell it has slowed down!  I have been trying to drink a lot of water and have taken Colace to help move things along.  Hopefully that will start working soon.

As a result of the bloating, some of my clothes that I have been wearing around the house have started to feel uncomfortable.  Probably more so with the nausea.  But the elastic in the pants were feeling tight.  So I thought to myself, I know it is still early, but maybe I can try a cheap pair of maternity pants or something.  I checked out Wal-mart online and saw that they had maternity clothes that were pretty inexpensive and since it was so early, I don’t mind spending $10-15 now for a little more comfort, knowing that I might need to buy more things later.

So I decided to go and check out the selection at the store.  I like to try things on, especially pants and I didn’t want to have to wait a few days for it to be delivered.  We have a Super Wal-mart, so I figured the selection might be different from online, but I should be able to find something.  I got there and started looking around.  After not finding anything I asked one of the employees where the maternity section was and she said they don’t have one.  WHAT????  I could not believe it!  I guess they must figure pregnant women don’t shop there for clothing.  I was thoroughly disgusted.  And I really didn’t feel like going to Target or Kohl’s as I was starting to get hungry.  Yes, hunger, NOT nausea!  WOO HOO!


So that has been my day so far.  I stopped at Taco Bell on the way home.  I haven’t had that in months and it was pretty good.  Although I come to find out they don’t have the Chilli Cheese Burrito anymore.  That has, in the past, had a way of getting things to move along, but alas it is no longer.  The crunchy tacos were pretty good though.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Thanks for reading!


3 Responses to “7 weeks . . .”

  1. Sunny Says:

    7 weeks! 🙂

    So glad you’re able to keep that nausea under control.

    Take care.

  2. Lori Says:

    I learned about constipation and pregnancy with my first pregnancy. For my second and third they started me on a daily morning dose of Fibercon as soon as the stick turned blue! It worked wonders! Being stopped up while pregnant is miserable!!!! And dont feel bad about eating what appeals to you. I ate cheetos every morning for three months because it was the only thing I could tolerate! The Zofran worked wonders on my nausea but not on my DESIRE to eat. I had to force myself. And remember the bloating is your body’s way of dealing with the new little life inside of you. The fluids and blood in your body will eventually double in quantity to support him/her. Bloating comes with the territory. Just wait until your feet swell up and swallow your toes!! 😉 It is totally awesome!!!

  3. Lori Says:

    Oh! And get some straight Gingerale! Ginger is a known nausea fighter. I even ordered some pregnancy suckers that contain pure ginger. They helped a bunch with afternoon nausea.

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