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we have a heartbeat . . . May 18, 2012

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Today we had a pretty long wait.  But finally it was our turn.  We got the “good room”.  This one has a monitor up in the corner so we can have a better look at the ultrasound.  I had a split second where I got a little scared.  The nurse inserted the probe and we saw the gestational sac and it was solid black.  Then she moved it around and there was our baby!  She said she saw the heartbeat too!  JOY!!

She changed the screen over and there is was on the screen and also in our ears.  It was so beautiful!  123bpm.

Here is the baby…what a cutie huh? 🙂

And here is the heartbeat!

We go back next Friday and I think I may take our video camera to see if I can record the sound.  Of course my hubby being the jokester that is he, said “I don’t think that will fit up there.”  🙂

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9 Responses to “we have a heartbeat . . .”

  1. storkchaser Says:

    Omg! Congrats!!! I’m in tears lol! I’m so happy for you and, well, that damn clomid strikes again! These are such great pictures. 🙂

  2. Meghan Says:

    “I don’t think that will fit up there.” – Too funny! Will you be finding out the gender? Old wives tales say slower heartbeats = boys, faster = girls. Our little one was a surprise and his heartbeat was on the slower end, and he was a boy!

  3. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!! 124 is a great heart rate!!!! so excited was the rest of your blood work????? Yay i think that might just be the most beautiful baby I have ever seen!!!!

    Praying and praying!

  4. papsgirl20 Says:

    Congrats on your bundle of joy! I hope it all goes well and to hear more! 🙂

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