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this is not going to be easy . . . May 18, 2012

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OK, I never thought it would be.  I am 40 and thus this is considered a high-risk pregnancy.  It took us 3 years to get pregnant, again not easy.

I felt some relief this morning after seeing and hearing that heartbeat.  But then that changed about 12:45pm.  I was sitting at my desk (home-office) and felt a gush.  Now those of you on Endometrin might feel some discharge from time to time, but this was different.  I got up and went to the bathroom and there was blood.  More trickled out and it was bright red.  Spotting is OK if it is pink or brown, but not red.  My heart was starting to break, but I tried to remain positive.

I called and spoke to the nurse that I saw this morning and she told me to come back.  Thankfully they are only 10 minutes away.  We got there and she got me back to the u/s room and put the probe in and there it was.  That beautiful heartbeat.  I cried from relief!  Everything looked great, still!

She said that the u/s can sometimes cause irritation in the cervix or sometimes there is blood that comes from the uterus in spots.  She said she might have seen something.  But everything looks good with the baby.

So I am to take things easy this weekend and keep and eye on things (I have been doing that every time I go to the bathroom since I found out I was pregnant).

I already called my mom this morning to give her the news, but I don’t think I will tell her about this.  No need to have her worry.  I know she will, to the point of going crazy.  This has been quite a day!

Oh and I remembered to ask what the baby was measuring.  6 weeks 2 days.  So right on schedule!!!  Whew!!!

Thanks for reading.


9 Responses to “this is not going to be easy . . .”

  1. Lori Says:

    I did the same thing with Ty! Ended up sobbing in the ER. It was just residual blood but it scared me silly!!!!

  2. papsgirl20 Says:

    Oh my gosh I would have freaked out! Im sorry this happened to you but im glad it all checked out ok!

  3. Mamma V. Says:

    Oh…I stop breathing for a few seconds there. I’m glad everything’s fine. I really am.

  4. Omgosh what a scare!,So glad everything is ok! Xoxo

  5. I remember the feeling of not being able to not check the paper everytime I went to the bathroom. I know that “gush” feeling exactly and the pregnant panic that it causes, and I’m sorry you had to deal with how scary it is! I’m glad all seems well. Prayers and crossed fingers for you that things stay great! 🙂

  6. Aiza Says:

    Oh dear. Glad everything is ok

  7. How are you feeling today?

  8. So glad everything’s okay! I’m constantly keeping an eye on things, too. It will be such a relief with we hit that 2nd trimester!

  9. Thank you everyone. Things have been better. No more bleeding yesterday or today! Now that wait until Friday. ugh! 🙂

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