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catching up . . . May 16, 2012

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Been a busy few days since I last updated.  Today I am officially 6 weeks along.  I still can’t believe it!  6 weeks!  A long way to go.  But each week I am ever so grateful that I have made it another week.

For the past week and a half I have had some mild morning sickness.  I have not thrown up yet (knock on wood) but it typically got me about an hour or so after I ate lunch and sometimes in the evening.  I told myself that I need to get used to eating about 6 times a day instead of the standard 3.  And I also realized that if I put off eating lunch and get really hungry and eat a big meal, it is not a good thing.  I start getting bloated and just feel miserable afterwards.

Yesterday, however was the first day I started feeling nauseous throughout the entire day.  Not right when I woke up, but shortly after breakfast.  And the same today.  Not complaining one bit.  But this is definitely something new. 🙂

From what I have read, to avoid this I need to eat more.  But that is tough when you don’t want to eat or when you try to find something to eat, nothing is appealing.  Today I got some Sierra Mist Natural and Saltines and that seemed to do the trick, for now.

Friday is another ultrasound.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited, nervous, anxious . . . you get the idea.  Praying we get to see a heartbeat!


Mother’s Day – In the more recent past, this has not been a great holiday for me.  Other than celebrating my wonderful mother, it has been a tough day, especially after getting married and struggling to get pregnant.  Each year I would think, next year I will FINALLY get to celebrate being a mother and each year another disappointment.  But this year, was different.  I can’t say that I fully experienced a happiness knowing that in a year from now I WILL be celebrating Mother’s Day holding our child in my arms, but it was a better day.  I know that probably doesn’t make sense.  I think part of it is because it is still so early and there is such a long way to go and a lot of hurdles to get over still.  But I have to keep that faith that everything will be fine and I will get there!

We drove down to St. Louis Sunday evening to visit my parents.  We had a nice almost 2-day visit.  We helped them with some stuff around the house (ok I supervised) and just had a nice time.  Oh and my mom made very tasty BBQ  pork steaks!  I gave her a “brag book” with the 1st ultrasound picture in it.  She wasn’t quite sure what it was at first so I had to explain it, but I think she was excited.


I feel like I had a lot more to say but at the moment my mind is drawing a blank.  Is this what they call “pregnancy brain?”  lol

I am sure I will have more later.

Thanks for reading.



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  1. I am definitely experiencing pregnancy brain already! Excited for your ultrasound!

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