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beta #3 and funny hubby . . . May 9, 2012

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Beta #3 is 1994

Progesterone – 51.2

Estrogen – 692

I almost got my ultrasound today.  I got to the lab chair and the nurse said it was up to me, but based on my labs results and that I am 5 weeks today (YAY!) I could do the u/s today.  I said I would like to wait until Friday.  Hubby was not with me and we were actually planning on Friday, so we will do it then.  I just don’t want him to miss this.

So if they see what they expect to see on Friday, then my appointment’s move to once a week for a couple of weeks, still with the nurses and then after that I see the nurse practitioner.  Not sure how long I will see her before then send me to my OB.


So I was doing some reading online this morning about pregnancy, etc.  One of the things I read is about hair growth.

“At 6 weeks pregnant, the normal shedding process stops until after delivery.  The downside of this hormonally triggered hairy situation is that you may suddenly sprout strands in places you’d rather not, including your face, your back, and stomach.  Don’t worry; most of it should fall out within six months of giving birth.”

So I of course read this to my husband.  At this point in the process, he has seen it all and knows it all, especially with everything we have been through with trying to get pregnant so I don’t really shy away from telling him things.  And I also mentioned to him that the feet can also grow during pregnancy and in some cases stay that way after you give birth.

So what was his response?  He sent me this picture of what he thinks I will look like at 8 months.  Did I tell you that he always makes me laugh?  And boy did this make me laugh!  Hope it gives you a good chuckle too!


8 Responses to “beta #3 and funny hubby . . .”

  1. It will be so worth it to look like that or a baby! Xo

  2. I a super impressed you were alebtomwait on the US I do could not have waited

  3. happysiera Says:

    woo-hoo!!! fabulous numbers : )

    hahaha to harry! my brother had nightmares about him – lol!

  4. ilovemacaroniart Says:

    GREAT numbers! Love the photo & your husbands sense of humor!

  5. Aiza Says:

    OMG that’s hilarious!!! LOL!!! Love it! And great numbers. Yay!

  6. Lori Says:

    The feet thing is true. I was a 6 before Katelyn. Three kids layer and I am 7.5!! Also, moles, freckles, and birth marks will darken. I never sprouted weird hair but my hair did grow faster on my head, legs, and u.derarms. But none of it matters! I could have turned purple and I wouldnt have cared. The only thing that mattered was the baby!! I am so excited for you! Cabt wait to see the twi.s on ultrasound!! 😉

  7. you sure there aren’t two in there?! 😉

  8. Sunny Says:

    lol too funny !

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