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a little scare . . . April 30, 2012

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So I woke up this morning and went to the bathroom.  I have been wearing panty liners because of the Endometrin and this morning I saw a little blood and also when I wiped.  It was a pinkish brownish color.  Not red!  And it only lasted about a half-hour.  And I haven’t had any since then.

I emailed the nurse and also posted to my BBC friends.  Since it had stopped my thought was that it was either irritation from the Endometrin or Implantation Bleeding(IB).  The nurse emailed back a little but ago and told me not to worry it was probably the Endometrin.  A couple of friends from BBC said it might be the IB.  Either way it stopped and never got really heavy.  Whew!

I never had this with the first 2 IVFs so I am more inclined to think it might be IB.  I was on Endometrin both times before and never bled one drop!

I am fighting the urge to take a home pregnancy test or as we in the TTC world like to say POAS (pee on a stick).  Thankfully I don’t have any in the house or I might just do it!  I can wait until Friday!  I know I can!

So that has been my Monday so far.  I am keeping busy working on hubby’s quilt.  Got almost all of the t-shirt squares sewn (see photo from a couple of days ago).  Then I will start with the “shadow parts”.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

Thanks for reading!


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