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1 week from today . . . April 27, 2012

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My beta will be one week from today!  I can’t believe it!  There are days when it feels like the 2WW is taking forever and then there are days when it feels like it is going fast.  Either way, it will happen in one week.

As far as symptoms, yes I am experiencing some.  And yes these could be progesterone related, but they could also be pregnancy related.  So I am going with that! 🙂  One thing I noticed yesterday and today is hip pain.  It hurts and wakes me up and even right now sitting at my desk it is sore.  I reviewed my blog from last time and I did mention this, so I will take it as a good thing!


Hubby’s birthday is coming up Sunday.  I feel a little bad because I had planned on getting something done in time for his bday and did not make it.  But with everything going on, he said he understood.  I have started it and yes he knows what it is.  I am making a quilt/throw from his old t-shirts.  He has about 14 shirts from his highschool days and earlier when he ran cross-country.  They are from runs that he did.  The very first run he did was from 1977 (when he was was 9) and that shirt has a few holes in it.  So basically what I have done is cut the “logos” out into squares and will sew those on to pieces of fabric.  Then I am going to add strips of black to 2 of the sides to make it look like the blocks are raised.  Then will join those with the background fabric.  This is my first time making a quilt, so I am excited.  I have made a duvet cover in the past, so I figured I could do this.  It will not be perfect by any means, but I think that adds to the quaintness of a quilt.  Here is the 1st block I did yesterday.

As a side note, this is helping to pass the time during the 2WW, so bonus!  (More pictures to come.)

I ordered him a cookie bouquet that he will get tomorrow (they don’t deliver on Sunday) and will head to the store later today or tomorrow to get a couple of nice steaks for a nice dinner/lunch on Sunday (he has to work in the evening).  He is really difficult to shop for because there is nothing he ever wants.  I can’t really complain, because I am the same way.  I asked him what he wanted and he said he already had me.  awwww.  He is so sweet!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thanks for reading!!!


2 Responses to “1 week from today . . .”

  1. happysiera Says:

    nice quilt idea! can’t wait to see it!

    happy b-day to hubs 🙂 hope you both have a wonderful weekend!

    oh – and less than 6 days … eeep!

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