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2WW . . . April 22, 2012

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Ok so I have caved in a bit and did some online searching.  Not out of fear or anything, but out of curiosity.

I have been trying to remember what kind of symptoms I had last time.  So I was able to go back in my blog and did notice I had mild cramping after the transfer last time.  And I have been experiencing mild cramping today on and off.  Hoping it is a good sign.  I know implantation can happen at 2-5 days after transfer, but since we did assisted hatching, I wonder if it makes it happen a little earlier.

Not trying to obsess.  I am still feeling really good about all of this and not worrying.  Boobs are very sore, but they were very sore before the transfer, so I know that is all the hormones and I am also very tired, but I didn’t sleep too well the 2 nights before the transfer and hubby had a late work night last night and I woke up when he got home at 2am.  So that is where things stand now.  Again not trying to obsess, I guess it is more of keeping track of things like this so I can remember.

The bed rest is almost over.  I am ready for it to be over.  But I know it is for a good cause and I would not choose not to do it.  I would not want to cause me to ever wonder, “what if?”

I will try to scan the photos tomorrow.

Hope everyone has enjoyed the weekend!

Thanks for reading.


2 Responses to “2WW . . .”

  1. Princess Says:

    Girl- hoping the 2ww goes quickly for you!!! Sending you lots of baby dust! 🙂

  2. happysiera Says:

    what princess said 😉

    am so excited for you!!! hope you are enjoying a bit of relax time still … i bet those embabies are happy to snuggle into such a happy place!

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