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the report . . . April 19, 2012

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Well, that phone call finally came.  I took a deep breath and she told us how many eggs we got.  Four.  I am glad that the doctor did give us a heads up yesterday as the news was not as shocking as it would have been today.  Of those 4 eggs, 3 were mature and I am very pleased to report that all 3 did fertilize.  So right now we have 3 embabies and she said that they looked good.

So tomorrow we will get the call to tell us what time our transfer will be on Saturday.  I did have a little bit of a breakdown after I hung up because I thought perhaps we would have 4 embryos, but as I was being consoled by hubby ( he was saying all the right things, would never expect less from him) it dawned on me.

Third time’s the charm!  We have 3 embryos.  And will transfer on Day 3.  You can’t get more perfect than that right?  At least that is what is going to keep me going down this road of positivity.

So please pray that all 3 continue to grow strong and make it to Saturday and then at least one of those little embies latch on!

Other than that, last night was pretty miserable for me.  Had to take some Tylenol a couple of times before bed.  But what was the worst was the bloating!  I had tried to drink as much water when I got home but the more I drank the more bloated I got.  And then overnight of course I had to get up about 5 times to use the bathroom.  Not to mention I seemed to have a lot of gas.  (Sorry if this is TMI, but I want to share it all especially for those who haven’t gone through this yet.)

This morning the bloating had gone down.  Still have some though but not as bad.  I imagine by tomorrow I will be better.  Started getting a little pain too.  So I just popped some more Tylenol.

Hubby and I are getting ready to go to see the Three Stooges.  Wait!  There it is again!  THREE!  LOL!  I couldn’t resist.

Now I anxiously await to get the time to transfer our babies and become PUPO again!  So excited!!!

Thanks for reading!


3 Responses to “the report . . .”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Loving the irony of “3” !!! Dare I say it…triplets?! Sending positive thoughts your way! 3 embabies is more than enough to make a baby! Enjoy your movie 🙂 Is there a showing at 3:00 by chance? 😉

  2. YIKES to triplets!! 🙂

  3. Princess Says:

    3 will be your lucky #!!!! Yay! Rooting for you, as always!

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