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temporary lapse of positivety . . . April 18, 2012

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Ok I am human and for a brief moment after a short talk with the doc I had those darn negative feelings creep in.

Let’s start at the beginning.  On our way to the surgery center (downtown Chicago) there was NO traffic.  We had to be there at 12:30pm so we expected traffic during part of the trip.  There is always a slow down in one spot and even the traffic reports said it was a little slow.  Nothing!  We were both in shock!  That never happens.  We were thrilled!  Then we got to the building and we were told that the garage is under construction but you can still park there in part of it and there is also street parking.  Hubby was sure he could find something on the street, even if he had to drop me off.  But he didn’t need to drop me off to drive around because there was a spot . . .  right in front of the door!!  What luck!  So we got there right on time.  So far so good!

We got to the 3rd floor and signed in and I had some paperwork to fill out.  Within a few minutes they were already calling me back to prep me.  I changed into the “designer” surgery wear (LOL).  Now this area they have about 6 or so recliner-type chairs they put you in with the curtains around them that close.  They also have the areas where you are wheeled after surgery on one of the walls.  The 1st 2 IVF’s surprisingly I had the exact same chair both times, this time I had a different one.  And the last 2 times I had the same nurse call me and bring me back to that room, this time it was a different one and I had a different one after the surgery.  So to me I am taking that as a “this time is different” sign.  The anesthesiologist put my IV in (I told her that they had trouble before and she chose a different spot) and it went right in.  Then they went and got hubby so we could wait.  He came in and it was 12:47.  So we figured we had about an hour to wait.

I signed some more paperwork and about 10-15 minutes later the doctor came over to talk to us before the procedure.  Then maybe 2 minutes later I was on my way, 30 minutes early.  Ahead of schedule!!  WOW!

They walked me back to the OR and I got on the table and took a nice nap.  The anesthesiologist told me that the meds might sting, but I remember telling her I could actually taste them and she asked how they tasted.  I can’t remember if I answered her or not.

Next thing I know I am slowly waking up.  I still have my eyes closed but I can hear people talking all around.  And I start feeling pain.  A shooting pain around the right ovary.  It really hurt and I asked the nurse if I could have something in the IV.  I told her it was a 7 or 8 on a scale from 1-10.  She checked my chart and was able to give me something.  I am glad because I actually started tearing up.  Once I got that, I started to feel some relief but it was now maybe a 4-5.  She gave me some apple juice and graham crackers and then a pain pill to take in addition to the IV meds.  I am glad she did.  Pain went completely away on the ride home.  Thank goodness!

So after that they went to get hubby.  He walked over to me and said no one had come to get him to give his sample.  I was very shocked!  They usually do this right after I come out of surgery.  He told the nurse and they got our doctor.  She came out and seemed equally surprised.  She mentioned that she would tell the people in the lab and also told us that they were still checking but that had 4 eggs so far and she thought they might get 1 or 2 more.  Now this is where I lost it a bit.  I was really expecting to have at least 7, and maybe I will, but to have only 4 was not what I expected.  Last IVF I had 5 follicles and they got 4 eggs so to have at LEAST 7 follicles and potentially only 4 eggs was a bit of a shock.  So yes I did start to cry.  The doctor was great though.  She told me to stay positive and if I had any negative thoughts to get them out of my head right away!  That she believes in the power of positive thinking.  So I needed that and I am back on track.  Afterall, everything else went great today, so I should just keep thinking that it will end up being great.  Even if there is only 4, I will pray that they all fertilize and we get to transfer them all!  4 was a number I have had in my head all along, so maybe God is telling me, that is all I need.  And as a reminder

So that is how everything went.  Like I said the pain went away on the way home so I feel good.  I was able to pee ok before we left the surgery center and also on the way home with no pain.  Last IVF I struggled with this one.

So I wanted to catch everyone up with how today went before I go in and lay on the bed for the evening and veg.

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts.  I appreciate it.  I did not start writing this blog until October of last year (after the retrieval from IVF #2) so it is extra nice to be able to go through this with a lot of supportive people (outside of immediate family) since I haven’t told too many of my “real life” friends.  So thank you.

So please, if you don’t mind, say a prayer or 2 that we get some good results tomorrow.  I am pretty sure we will have a 3-day transfer on Saturday.  Which is just fine with me.  Get the babies in there as soon as possible so one or maybe 2 can latch on and start growing.

I will post tomorrow with the results.  We may go see a movie so I might miss the phone call.  But I figure this will be the last time I can splurge on a soda and popcorn (with a side of nacho cheese) before I am PUPO!  🙂  And hubby wants to see the Three Stooges movie.  He is so silly, but I am sure it will be a good laugh.

Thanks for reading!


4 Responses to “temporary lapse of positivety . . .”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Sending a prayer and positive thoughts that all 4 of those little guys (or girls!) fertilize and thrive! I’m glad that your pain went away too! Looking forward to your update tomorrow! Hang in there!

  2. Roxxroxx Says:

    I tasted the meds too and remember telling her that just before i passed out – so it wasn’t a hallucination then?! Sending you (big fat) positive thoughts 🙂

  3. Aiza Says:

    Have a good rest Mel. Sending positive thoughts your way

  4. happysiera Says:

    hoping you were able to rest and relax! so many positive vibes coming your way and to the way of your embabies!!! this is going to work!

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