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just for fun . . . April 16, 2012

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So as I anxiously await the phone call telling me when I get to give myself the trigger injection and when my ER will be on Wednesday, I have done a little “fun” browsing online.  I honestly haven’t been feeling up to much the last day or so.  Just so tired and feeling some discomfort in the ovary area.

So this is what I have been doing.  It started out with me looking for an IVF t-shirt.  I was curious if there were such things and of course there are.  I found them on and  Here are a few of the cute ones they have for both momma’s and babies.

Too bad I didn’t find this one in time.  I would have worn it on Saturday after my transfer!  LOL

Says a lot without saying a lot. 🙂I know we will all feel this way when it works!Kinda funny and true!For those FET babies.So worth the wait! 🙂

Will post later when I get the time for my trigger and retrieval.

Thanks for reading.


One Response to “just for fun . . .”

  1. Aiza Says:

    OMG the t-shirts are super cute!! Do they ship worldwide?

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