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Retrieval scheduled . . . April 15, 2012

I got the call and Egg Retrieval will be Wednesday!  The nurse called me with the news, but I don’t have the time for anything yet.  The IVF Coordinator will call me tomorrow with the time for my trigger and my schedule for Wednesday!  I am so happy and excited!

My estrogen was 1419 and progesterone was 1.09.  I am thrilled about the estrogen.  I was told that they like to see estrogen between 150-200 per mature follicle.  So mine being 1419 would mean I at least have 7 mature follicles and I could have more.  So I am very happy.

Now I will anxiously wait until I get the phone call tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!


4 Responses to “Retrieval scheduled . . .”

  1. Yay yay yay!,, twins a boy and a girl double chocolate pieces of cake! I pray so with all my heart!

  2. that’s so awesome! I had a feeling they would wait. I found the whole “150-200” per egg fairly accurate. Good luck!

  3. ttb2 Says:

    Oooo,,, great E2 #, Mine was in the same range right before my last trigger, and I got 8 mature eggs.

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