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getting closer . . . April 15, 2012

I had my 4th monitoring appointment this morning and although it will be a few more hours before I hear from the office, here is what I know.

I am still showing 7 follicles total.  But I do believe that I have more.  Well, I know I have more, but I do think that I actually have a larger one that was potentially hiding.  Here is why:

On Friday I had 4 in the right ( 14, 12, 12,12)  Today I am showing 19, 17, 17, 13.  I imagine that all of the 12’s that I had Friday grew to probably the 17’s so that would mean there was possibly another 17 in there and that one of the follicles that was between 8-10 grew to the 13.  At least that is what my gut is telling me.  Every nurse has a different technique when they use the u/s sound machine.  And today there were nurses from the other offices.  My regular nurse usually moves the prob all over the place (making it a bit uncomfortable) and the one today, barely moved it at all.

So with that said.  My largest follicles are 19.  The IVF coordinator told me that she thinks I will probably trigger tomorrow for ER on Wednesday.  And the ER would be with the doctor that hubby and I prefer.  Otherwise I would trigger tonight and have the ER on Tuesday with the doc we are not so thrilled with.

The IVF coordinator will talk with our fave doc today and depending on my blood levels, we are hoping for trigger tomorrow, so that the smaller ones can catch up a bit.  I really think that will happen so just praying it does.  Either way I am still being positive about this and my husband reminded me while we were there today, that it isn’t about quantity, it is about QUALITY.  And he is correct!

So I will post later once I get the call to let you know what the plan is.  I did feel better talking to the IVF coordinator after our appointment.  I am so ready to have that ER!  And my belly is ready too!  Each evening I get ready to stick myself I have to search for a spot without any needle holes.  I don’t know about anyone else, but the first few days are a piece of cake.  But when I get towards the end of stimming I get really “gun-shy” about sticking myself.  I have had some doozies as far as pain when the needle goes in and I always think about that and have to take a deep breath.  But it is almost over!

Until later . . .hope everyone has a great day!  Don’t forget to get your taxes done.  They are due Tuesday! (This comes from my years of preparing tax returns.  Can’t say I miss it. 🙂  )

Thanks for reading!


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