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3rd appt results . . . April 13, 2012

Had my 3rd monitoring appointment this morning and here are the results.

I have 4 measurable follicles in the right (14, 12, 12, 12) and 3 in the left (13, 14, 10).  I also have a few more in the right measuring between 8-10mm.  The nurse wasn’t sure if they would catch up. but I am hoping they do!  Estrogen is 710 and progesterone is .569.  Everything is looking good.   I was told to reduce my Follistim to 325IU and keep the rest of the meds the same.  I go back on Sunday morning for another look.  So my guess is that I will trigger Sunday night and retrieval will be Tuesday but it will all depend on the size of the follicles and my estrogen.  So we will see.

Can’t believe we are almost there!  This week has flown by and I am exhausted.  I know it is the meds, but it is just hard for me to want to do anything.  And I get a headache at least twice a day.  I think it is the Lupron.  My ovaries are definitely larger.  This morning’s ultrasound was a bit uncomfortable.  And sometimes it is uncomfortable to sit up at my desk, so I have to lean back in my chair to alleviate the pressure on my ovaries.  But I just know it will all be worth it.

I am really starting to get excited about this, not that I wasn’t before, but yes I am getting excited about the retrieval as well.  I just know I have some good eggs in there!

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  1. Good luck, sweety!!!

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