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more progress . . . April 11, 2012

Today was the 2nd monitoring appointment.  I got a printout of the ultrasound.  I thought it might be interesting to show those who haven’t gone through IVF (I added the yellow boxes).

So they take 2 measurements of each follicle and then take an average to come up with the size.  Sometimes it is listed in millimeters and others in centimeters.  Above it is in cm and you can see that I have 3 in the right (9, 10, 9) and 2 in the left(8,8).  There were also a few under 8.  My estrogen was 311 and progesterone was .532.

So all in all I am progressing nicely.  I was told it was very good that the follicles are staying close in size and my estrogen level was good.  She said they like to see it double in the 2 days since the last appointment so it was perfect.

Tonight and tomorrow night I increase the Follistim to 375U and keep the other meds at the same amounts.

I had to wait until 9:30pm to get the phone call, but I definitely feel better about things now that I have more follicles. Hoping to see even more on Friday.  I had to do 4 shots tonight since I have 300U vials of the Follistim, but it is all for the greater good!  🙂

So I am back there on Friday and probably once over the weekend, we will see.  I am glad that things are slower because I was worried when we began that I would be having the ER on Sunday and my hubby has to work most of the day, so I am guessing ER might be Tuesday and hubby is off all day (he is actually off during the day Mon-Thu).  So one less thing to worry about.  We do have his frozen little guys, but they say, fresh is best.  And I also would like him to be there so he can talk to the doctor afterwards.

Will probably write more tomorrow as far as my symptoms, etc.  It is late and I need to sleep!

Thanks for reading!


One Response to “more progress . . .”

  1. Sunny Says:

    So glad its all going well. I’m really excited for you!

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