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mixed emotions . . . April 9, 2012

So I had my first monitoring appointment this morning and I just got the results call.  So there were 2 notable follicles that measured about 9 and several that were less than 8.  My estrogen was 125 and my progesterone was .427.  I will increase my Follistim from 225IU up to 300IU and continue the Menopur at 75IU and the micro-dose Lupron at 10U in the morning and evening.  I was told the progesterone is good because they don’t want me ovulating, but nothing else was mentioned.

So honestly I am not sure how I feel about it.  I didn’t keep any notes from my first monitoring appointments in the past, so I have nothing to compare it to.  I guess I am just praying that we get more eggs this cycle than the last and I know it is still early, but I hope on Wednesday we have more.  But the nurse did comment that they all looked very close in size, so that is good because that means that they will mature and be ready at about the same time.

So two more days of stims and back to the RE’s office on Wednesday.

I know I have been pretty positive about this cycle and I am still positive that this one will work for us.  But there are those moments (few and far between) where I do have a tiny bit of doubt and wonder what if it doesn’t work.  But I try as quickly as possible to get those thoughts out of my head.  I hate that I let those negative thoughts in.

Ultimately it is in God’s hands.  I know that.  But if having a positive attitude can help me cope with all of this along the way then I am going to do that.  Afterall, don’t we try to eat better and exercise when TTC.  Why not exercise our mind and think positively about this.  It can’t hurt!  🙂

Thanks for reading.


6 Responses to “mixed emotions . . .”

  1. Andrea Says:

    I really think mixed emotions are inevitable during ivf! Your E2 levels are great! I know you want more follies…they’ll show up! Keep that chin up (which I know you will!)

  2. My follies didn’t kick in until my 3rd monitoring appt. I was on 300 gonal f and 75 menopur. They never increased my gonal because they want all of the follies to grow at the same rate…keep your chin up! It is still early 🙂

  3. queenelizabethi Says:

    A positive attitude is great! My husband just told me the other night that I’m too negative because he’ll say “I hope you’re pregnant this time!” and I’ll say something like “Maybe, but probably not.” I don’t want to get my hopes up and then be disappointed, like so many previous months. I do have a good feeling about this cycle, and it sounds like a lot of other people do too. Thinking of you!

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