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I miss the bunnies . . . April 2, 2012

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Ok, so when I mentioned last week that the bunnies got spooked.  I went out and checked the hole and it was empty.  All 4 were gone.  We let our dog into the side yard to play with the stick ( he loves to fetch it) I noticed one under the gutter huddled against the house.  Then when we walked back into the backyard I noticed another in the corner by the garden.  Hubby commented about my good eyes.  Just like an Easter egg hunt. LOL  So there were at least 2 left.  ANd I think I saw one in the front yard.

So I just mowed the lawn . . . again!  And when I was in the backyard I double checked the hole and it was empty.  I brushed my foot slowly close to the fence in the tall grass to make sure there were no bunnies and sure enough one ran out!  Whew!  So all was safe and I could mow.  Then as I was going back to that area another one ran out into the side yard.  Not sure if it was the one I saw or another one, but I am glad to report no bunny was injured while I mowed the lawn.  As I finished the side yard I noticed one under the gutter by the front of the house.  He/she stayed there the hole time I finished the yard.  I put the mower away and grabbed my camera.  He/she stayed put and let me take a photo or 2.

I can’t believe how attached an am to those little buggers.  But they are so cute.  I just hope they don’t grow up to eat the flowers I will be planting soon, like their parents.  🙂  Here is a close up photo.

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One Response to “I miss the bunnies . . .”

  1. happysiera Says:

    awww! love the bunny updates! i would have looked everywhere for them, too 😉

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