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saturday . . . March 31, 2012

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So this morning, hubby got sick.  More specifically he must have gotten a stomach bug.  Threw up a couple of times and is now resting.  Poor guy.  No fever, so hopefully it will pass quickly for him, especially since he has to work tonight.  Tough part about his job, no calling in sick.


And I am also fearful for the bunnies.  I took our dog out this morning to do his thing and the bunnies must have been spooked by hearing him or smelling him and a couple of them hopped out of the hole!  One even went under the fence!  I am sure they were probably ready, but I am still worried a bit.  I hope they make it.  My darn hormones must be kicking in since I have been on the pill for so long and I started crying thinking about them being eaten by a cat or something.  They will be ok right?


And tonight is my 2nd to last pill!  Thank goodness!!!  So ready to be off of them and on to injections.  Crazy I know.  I keep envisioning me getting pregnant.  Thinking of how it will be.  It also helps to be following other pregnant women’s blogs and also some friends on babycenter who are pregnant.  So I know what to expect, because this is gonna work!


Hope everyone is having a great weekend and you get to do something fun!

Thanks for reading!


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