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feeling better . . . March 16, 2012

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OK, so yesterday I felt like crap all day!  I understand that anesthesia can have certain side effects but I have never had them like I had yesterday and even today.  I have been “under” at least 5 times in the last year and a half and it has never effected me this badly.  Aside from being very tired, I have been retaining water (big time) and also constipated.  I ate yesterday only because I was getting hunger headaches.  But it constantly felt like I was full.  Like I was so hungry I ate everything in sight, kind of full.  It was tough to be comfortable. AND on top of that I actually put on 5 pounds in a day!  So that told me it was not me it was the result of the anesthesia.

So today I have finally started getting some relief.  I am being very careful of what I eat today and only drinking water.  I did have some Vitamin water yesterday and I think that may have exacerbated the situation a bit.

This 80-degree weather is not helping either!  I don’t mind 80 . . . in July!  But not March!  The average high temperature in Chicago for March is 45 degrees!  NOT 80!  UGH!  It looks like we are in store for these temps for at least the next 5-6 days.

On a happy note, the nurse told me that my pathology report came back already and the polyp was benign.  So that was good to know and I should be getting my IVF calendar maybe next week.  So things are moving along!

Hope everyone else is having a great day!

Thanks for reading.


One Response to “feeling better . . .”

  1. happysiera Says:

    so glad to hear you are feeling better! i know after anesthesia with er, i was sooo uncomfortable! started adding fiber gummies to the daily prenatal …

    hope you can find some comfort and cool for the weekend!

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