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back to waiting . . . March 15, 2012

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Well, the surgery went well, as far as I know.  Instead of one fibroid/polyp, there were 2 in there.  And the doctor also cleaned me out.  I got a call from the office today checking to see that I was ok (which was nice) and I asked again if I was still on track for April IVF and she said I should be.  So now I wait to get a call from the nurse to give me my schedule.  I probably won’t hear from her for a couple of weeks, but as I write this I am reminded that she said I could always email her.  So I will do that and see when I might be getting my schedule and when I might start.

Yesterday I was very tired and groggy all day but I could not fall asleep.  Last night I was able to and slept pretty well.  Today I am still tired and VERY bloated!  Hoping that goes away soon.  I think it also has to do with this crazy Chicago weather!  We have been trying to get cool in the house with the windows open but it was still 80 inside (and also outside).  So we broke down and put the A/C on.  That will most certainly help.

Not too much else going on.  I have been thinking of trying to find a “work from home” job.  It would certainly give me the flexibility with all the RE appointments and also give me the flexibility to still help hubby out with his business when he needs me.  Any tips out there?  Finding something legitimate is always the tough part!

Hope everyone is having a great day!!!

Thanks for reading.


6 Responses to “back to waiting . . .”

  1. December is a wonderful time to give birth!!! Praying Praying Praying…

  2. happysiera Says:

    so glad all went well!

    i hear you on jobs – would love to do something artsy/graphic design related in my own time … just saw a new gadget that cuts paper shapes … maybe i could be another card designer … in a sea of many!

  3. ilovemacaroniart Says:

    I’m glad your surgery went well.

    I know of a work from home job that is legit, where do you live again?

    • ilovemacaroniart Says:

      I should have read your most recent post and I would have found that you’re in Chicago.

      Details on the work from home job: go to, the careers link will show you many different options. One of them is a work from home customer service position. I’m not sure of the pay rate, but it’s at least minimum wage, if not way better, and you will also get health insurance benefits & Paid time off. Schedules vary, and I’m sure you could find something that would work for you. You do have to have your own PC/office space/internet connection/telephone.

      Customer service isn’t for everyone, and I wouldn’t be offended if you said “heck no’! but it’s an option. I work for the company in a brick and mortar position right now, but may be working from home myself within the next 6 months to a year.

      • Thank you so much for the response on the work from home job. I appreciate it, but to be honest with myself, I am not the customer service type of person. I would love to be, but I don’t have the patience. 😦 Thanks again!

      • ilovemacaroniart Says:

        No problem! Like I said, it’s not for everyone. If you have any friends that are interested, feel free to pass the info along, they are almost always hiring!

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