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the time has come . . . March 13, 2012

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Time for the surgery anyway.  Yes I finally found out when the surgery is going to happen tomorrow.  Of course, I waited until about 2pm and since I hadn’t gotten a call, I called them.  Not sure how long they were going to wait to call me, but I was tired of waiting.  Thus even more reason why you need to take charge sometimes.

So my surgery is scheduled for 2pm tomorrow.  A long time to go without food, but that is ok.  A very dear friend will pick me up from home and drive me since I have to be there at 1:15pm.  Hubby works from 1-3pm and there is no way he can get out of it.  That is what is tough when you own your own business and clients schedule gigs months in advance.  It isn’t like you can call and ask for a sick day or a day off.  So we work around it with the help of wonderful friends!  So hubby will be able to pick me up afterwards and bring me home.  So it all works out in the end.  I would be very shocked if they are actually running on time anyway.  When I was there in October, they were more than an hour behind and being hungry and sitting makes me cranky.  So I will just have to do deep breaths or something to help pass the time. 🙂

After tomorrow (because that is all I can think of at the moment) I need to review my insurance claims with this RE.  They are really messed up and it gives me a headache just thinking about it!  When I did not start my period in Feb, I had to go in for blood work.  They run the same tests they do for the beta tests after IVF.  So I was expecting them to be processed under that code and thus mostly covered (all but $10 of the $300).  Well, none of it was covered.  But that isn’t the only issue.  What did they do?  They ran the claim through my husband’s insurance, listing him as the patient.  Really?  A man getting a pregnancy blood test?  Of course they denied it!  Honestly I don’t even think they need to have my husband’s insurance card on file anymore.  That just really made me mad!

And when we had out visit with the doctor after the 1st failed IVF (August 30) that just finally got approval.  And then this most recent claim for the appointment on Jan 30 was denied.  It was the same type of appointment!  I really hate that I have to go through all this.  I feel like they should be paying me just to figure all this out.  It really isn’t that difficult.

So another piece of advice I will offer to all of those who have to deal with being a self-pay patient (or even for those who aren’t) pay very close attention to all the bills.  Keep track of what you expect to owe and what they are billing you.  If something comes back as denied by your insurance and you expected it to be covered, make the call.  The billing department is sometimes at a different location than your doctor/nurse.  So if there is a problem, call and speak with the nurse to see how she thinks it should have been coded and then call the billing and tell them to change the code and resubmit!  Be sure to ask as many questions as you can to be satisfied.

I will either check in tomorrow evening or on Thursday to let you know how it went!

Thanks for reading!


3 Responses to “the time has come . . .”

  1. Praying for a safe and drama free surgery!

  2. happysiera Says:

    good luck tomorrow!!!

    will be sending lucky vibes your way!

    hugs : )

  3. Roxxroxx Says:

    Glad it was a success!

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