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they should be ashamed . . . March 7, 2012

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Ok, I saw something this morning and I just had to blog!

As some of you may know Jessica Simpson is expecting her first child.  There has been several photos of her pregnant self.  She looks normal and healthy.  Great!

Today I saw an article on her Elle Photo shoot.  Now I do not know when this was shot, but from the looks of it, it was either done with a LOT of photoshop or it was done several months ago (still with photoshop).  You be the judge.

Here is the first shot.  Please look at her left leg . . . how skinny it looks.  And here you can kind of see her belly button maybe sticking out a little under her man’s chin.  And speaking of her belly…it even looks smaller in this photo than it does in the next.  Now look at the next photo.

Leg is not so skinny here.  Also look at her belly button.  Belly buttons flatten out or become an “outtie” during pregnancy.  Yet miraculously hers is still an “innie”.  And her chin is nice and defined.  Now look at the photo below from the most recent People magazine.Chin is not defined here and she is obviously bigger in this photograph.

Please understand my point here is not to “make fun of” her.  My point is that Elle did a bad thing!  Pregnancy is a beautiful thing in and of itself.  Why still do they insist on changing things or trying to make things look better or more apealing?  Or did she?  We will probably never know.  But  something so blatent makes me want to scream!   Will there ever be a time when we don’t place such emphasis on being perfect?  Proabably not in my lifetime, but maybe in our kids’ lifetime.

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2 Responses to “they should be ashamed . . .”

  1. Sunny Says:

    I agree 100%! Its so sad that all our media perpetuate the myth that of what beauty actually is.

    I do hope that’s its not her that asked for them to be fotoshoped. That would be so sad, to deny of the symptoms of pregnancy. It might just be the magazine, did you see what they did with Adele’s picture ?! And they’ve done it to Kate Winslet. And those are two women who we know for sure are happy and proud to be in their bodies.

    And btw, what’s with those orange shoes she’s wearing??!! Which heavily pregnant person wears shoes like that ??!!

  2. Aiza Says:

    I’m more concerned with the orange heels she was wearing

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