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some advice . . . February 18, 2012

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I have mentioned that I am active on the infertility boards at  I think it is a good resource for talking with other women dealing with TTC issues.

For those of you who read this blog, I would like to offer some advice.

It is ok to ask questions about others’ cycles, IVFs, IUIs, etc.  I find it helpful to know what other women are doing so that I can be more informed when I go to talk to my doctor.  So that I am able to ask more questions.  Heck I am convinced it is what got me a different protocol for IVF #3.

But when it comes to treatments or directions from your doctor, PLEASE listen to him or her.  So much of what we have to go through is based on science; what they gather from our blood tests, ultrasounds, etc.  Just because most people you talk to start out on a certain dosage of medicine does not mean you should too.  I just read a post of a woman who was told to trigger tonight for her IVF.  She posted a question asking if she should do any Follistim with that.  That she supposes she could call the doctor but did not want to bother him.  So all of these women started responding to her to just do the trigger shot and not the Follistim.

That is the worst advice they could give her.  On my 2nd IVF I did Follistim AND the trigger injection on the same night.  So my advice to her was to CALL THE DOCTOR.  I do not know what her follicle sizes were or what her estrogen level was and neither do any of the other women.

So my advice, if you have medical or treatment questions please ask your doctor.  I will be more than happy to tell you my experiences, but you must know that they are MY experiences.  And even my 2 IVF experiences thus far have been different.

And for those inclined to answer the question, please tell that person to ask her doctor.  It is ok to tell them your story or what meds you are on, etc but the best advice is to call the doctor.  You may feel like a seasoned professional when it comes to TTC, but you are not the expert.

When IVF is unsuccessful, the worst thing you could do is blame yourself and think that you may have done something wrong during your cycle.  “Maybe I should have called and asked my doctor.”  “I did what those women said, but maybe it was not the right thing.”

So I always offer my experiences in this blog to help educate, but not to tell you what to do.  That is for your doctor.  And if you do not trust your doctor, find another one.  A lot of us spend so much money, time and effort trying to conceive, we should spend time fully understanding what we need to do to have the best chance at it.

Ok…that is my 2 cents.

Thanks for reading.


2 Responses to “some advice . . .”

  1. happysiera Says:

    ha! i replied, too – probably too late, but totally agree!

  2. Princess Says:

    Totally on your great advice!

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