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great day . . . February 17, 2012

Not too much to report.

We had a good Valentine’s Day trip.  Hubby “knocked ’em dead” with his performances and we got to take a little hike and saw some bald eagles.  He also loved the gift I made him (pictures posted before) of the deck of cards.  🙂

Yesterday I found out how much meds would cost this cycle.  I had some leftover Follistim so that helped a little but even with that it was going to come to $2,300.  I do have to say it was less than I was preparing myself for, but still pretty high.  So I contacted the nurse at the RE’s office and asked if they had any samples or donated meds.  For those who don’t know, a lot of women donate their meds back to their RE’s office when they don’t need the extra, so that self-pay patients can use them.

So today I got some great news!  The nurse told me they were going to get in some Follistim so I did not have to order any from the pharmacy!  That saved me $1,200 right there!  It made my day!!!!

We are moving right along and I go in Monday for my annual, then Friday is the Saline Sono.  I may even start one of the meds the end of next week or early the week after.  Seems like it is moving fast now.

I have not dropped the weight I wanted to before we started this round, but I am not going to get depressed about it.  I will just continue to try and I may just drop a few more by the time we get to the egg retrieval.

So these are the meds I will be taking:

Micro Dose Lupron
Follistim (starting at 225 IU)
Menopur (75 IU)
Ovidrel (trigger)

If I start having symptoms of OHSS (Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome) I will add Cabergoline to help keep that in check.


Thanks for reading!


5 Responses to “great day . . .”

  1. ilovemacaroniart Says:

    Congrats on your Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Whoa…we would so not be able to afford those medications.. 😦 I love the tip about the donated medications, that’s a great idea!

    Good luck!!!!

  2. Yay For Donated Meds.. I have been the recipient of donated meds before,, for different reasons and I have also been able to donate meds… Just so you know, I have a feeling you will be donating any of your unused meds too because well you know, you will be pregnant with a healthy baby and you won’t be needing those meds anymore after that!!! Maybe twins..

    Melissa, I could not be praying harder….I have every confidence it is going to work…. I pray every day for God to protect your uterus and make is a great nurturing place for your baby to grow….

    Keeping you close to my heart in prayer… and eagerly anticipating your process going smooth and perfect.

    • Thank you so much Jen! You always say such wonderful and uplifting things. I know this is going to be a great year. And that goes for you too!!! Just over a month to go until you can go to CO!!!!

  3. Any money saved is fantastic. I have not been online as much but just wanted to say I am glad you have a new plan and are moving foward.

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