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last one chosen . . . February 8, 2012

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Ever feel like the last one chosen for a team . . . like in gym class?  There are days when I feel that way.  Feel like I am the last one chosen to be on the “pregnant team”.   I know there are still a lot of “us” out there, but my little “circle” seems to be getting smaller and smaller.  That is good!!!  It is!!  Just wish I could get picked!  I know my time will come….it will.  But until then, I will continue to wait . . . patiently (the best I can).

On a lighter note . . . a very dear friend told me that she had a dream that we had twins!  Thank you so much for that.  Definitely helped my mood today!!!  So thank you! 🙂

Thanks for reading.


4 Responses to “last one chosen . . .”

  1. From our lips to Gods ears!!!! I will not quit praying, asking God and believing! I was always picked last in gym because I always was coughing…. I was never actually picked. I just went to the team that was next to get someone!

    That is not the case for you my friend for whatever reason, this has been your lot in life, so unfair !!!! So not what you wanted !!! so not what I want for you . You will get your turn, not because you were picked last, but because for whatever reason this is how you have to do it. No one knows why, things happen. What we do know is that persistence pays off and you will get your turn, then my dear friend you will encourage others!!!

  2. Sometimes I wonder “How could she get picked and not me?” I’m totally there with you. I’d be glad to pick you for the pregnancy team if I could but that would mean I’d have to be captain and you have to be ON the tem for that. *sigh* Maybe we will both be picked soon. *hugs*

  3. ilovemacaroniart Says:

    I came upon your blog after searching TTC. I have read your back story and I absolutely love how you & your hubby were long distance in the beginning.

    My husband and I have been “not preventing” since October 2006. I don’t think we can officially call it TTC because we haven’t been to any doctors yet. It’s not that we don’t want to find out what’s going on, but our insurance doesn’t cover any kind of fertility testing, and without, it’s just too expensive.

    I plan on continuing to follow your journey, and I pray success for you soon!

  4. queenelizabethi Says:

    Every month I feel this way. You did a lovely job articulating it. There are a lot of us waiting together! I look forward to the day I can open each of these blogs and see that there is happy pregnancy news for all.

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