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appointment and day 30 . . . January 30, 2012

So today was our long-awaited appointment with the RE.  I came prepared with a list of questions and also ready to listen.  As we suspected, the doc aid that it was most likely a chromosomal issue as to why I miscarried.  No surprise there.  Hubby asked questions about statistics and so forth.  Then we talked about our next plan.  And I felt very prepared to ask questions about different protocols thanks to the ladies on the BBC forum.  If not for them, and me asking questions about those different protocols, I am not 100% sure we would be doing this cycle differently, but we are.

So basically, if AF cooperates and gets here by the 9th of February or thereabouts, we will be able to do IVF #3 in March, if not, then for sure in April.  This time we will be doing a micro-dose Lupron protocol.  For stims we will still use Follistim but this time we will also be adding in Menopur.  The doc said that they sometimes go this route for women who have not produced as many eggs as they had hoped.  So I am feeling pretty good about this.  I basically told her that I would do 20 shots a day if necessary, but I won’t have to. 🙂

I also shared my concern about the possibility of return polyps.  If you remember, we started IVF #2 and had to freeze the embryos to have a hysteroscopy to clean out the uterus.  So she said they could do a saline sonogram in Feb, before we begin, to check for anything in there.  That made me happy and also relieved.  My gut was telling me that if we didn’t and they could not see anything on ultrasound, that there might still be something there to prevent implantation.  AND she said she would try to see if insurance would cover that.  Bonus!  And praying that they do.

So I should be getting a call from the nurse sometime, probably within the next week or so and then if AF shows up, we can start our journey once again.  And I do believe this will be the one.  Third times’ the charm!

DAY 30:  After a month of infertility talk, we need a distraction.  Give us a link to one of your favorite non-infertility-sites, or tell us about your favorite distraction activity/book/feel-good movie.

Well, I don’t spend a lot of time just browsing different sites online.  If I am shopping for something, I usually check out Amazon first.  They almost always have what I need at a cheaper price than most places.  I have also gotten into Pinterest.  I usually browse that before going to bed.

As far as distractions . . . a few shows I enjoy watching are, “Once Upon a Time”, “Pan Am”, “The Office” (I do miss Michael Scott), “Criminal Minds”, “Amazing Race” (new season starts soon), and “The Good Wife”.  Books…well, I have several as I mentioned last night that I can start reading any time.  Feel-good movie:  Love the old hollywood musicals.  How can you not feel good after watching those?

So that was the end of my 30-day challenge.  I had fun.  I hope you had fun getting to know a little bit more about me.  I think I would like to do another 30-challenge, I just have to find one that is interesting.  If anyone has any ideas, please pass them along.

Thanks for reading!


5 Responses to “appointment and day 30 . . .”

  1. Would you mind sharing a link to the BBC forum. Sounds very informative. Good luck and I’m hoping this it your IVF cycle too!!!!!! : )

  2. Roxxroxx Says:

    All the best 🙂

  3. Just found your blog and glad I did. My partner and I will be starting our first IVF cycle in May after two unsuccessful years doing IUI’s. Good luck with this cycle. Hope this is the one that works for you. And I loved the questions you answered for your 30 day challenge so just wanted to let you know that I was going to steal them for my blog. This month is going by so low so it will keep me busy until I’m ready for IVF. Thanks!!

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