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sick and day 25 . . . January 25, 2012

Ok everyone I think I am getting what my hubby has.  Been extremely exhausted all day and just really did nothing.  So not too much to write about.  Will write more tomorrow.  On to the challenge.

DAY 25:  What was your first baby or pregnancy-related purchase you ever made?  Was it before or after you started trying to conceive?  Or was it after you were already pregnant?  Why did you choose that particular item to buy first?  If you haven’t purchased anything yet, why not?

When we first started TTC obviously I thought it would happen right away.  I did not purchase anything, but I did a lot of looking online.  I bookmarked a lot of sites that had items I was interested in, etc.  I just didn’t want to “jinx” anything.  I guess I compare it to buying a wedding dress when you aren’t even dating anyone.  Hey, if that works for you, great.  It doesn’t work for me.

So now that it will be coming up to 3 years of trying, I am glad I did not purchase anything.  I am still remaining positive because I know it will happen, but I just don’t want to buy something to have around as a constant reminder that it hasn’t yet.    That doesn’t mean I don’t look at sales ads I get in the mail, or look online at things that I think would be neat to have for a baby.

When I found out I was pregnant in December, I seriously thought of getting something like a cute onesie.  I was trying to remain positive, even though my numbers did not look good.  I am really glad I did not get one.  I just know it would have been too hard to see that….as a reminder of the miscarriage.

So for now, I browse online.  I see things my friends post on Facebook, and make mental notes.  I will get to start shopping for something soon….I just know it.

Thanks for reading.


One Response to “sick and day 25 . . .”

  1. happysiera Says:

    ick to being sick!

    until recently, that was me, too … though technically i bought my lucky charm for me 😉

    other than the charm – a wooden teether – we happen to have some artsy things, but nothing that i truly consider for a wee one …

    can not wait until we can actually shop!!!

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