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more myself and day 22 . . . January 22, 2012

Thank you all for the kind words about my post yesterday.  I appreciate them.

Today was a better day and I felt more like myself.  It probably helped that I had a little color therapy for my hair.  I also finally got around to making the cake pops.  And they are safely now in the freezer.  I did have a couple.  A good cook/baker always tastes the food to make sure it is edible.  🙂  Here are a few pictures of the cake pops. I made a snowman to be silly and he actually looks like he is melting. I used edible marker for his face.

These were the 1st set I did . . .not too bad.  The next batch, the candy melt was getting a little stiffer so I opted to just place them back on the wax paper instead of set them up.

The snowman was just for fun.  Three different sized pops “glued” together with the candy melt and then covered in candy melt.  It actually bent over on its own. 🙂

No walk today and I did not eat the best, but tomorrow I will get back on track!

DAY 22:  How has your financial situation affected your infertility journey?

I had an answer all typed out for this question and I just decided to delete it.   I have been pretty open about a lot of things in this blog, but for some reason my gut is telling me to skip this one.  Hope you don’t mind dear readers.  I will be back with another question tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.


One Response to “more myself and day 22 . . .”

  1. happysiera Says:

    yummy! those look de-lish-ous!

    you are so open and honest – don’t even fret about not sharing even more 😉

    it is so nice to hear a bit more optimism … sorry for aiding in the tears … this journey is such a roller coaster, no? let’s bad together to make this week better than the last!


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