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each journey begins with one step . . . a baby step

what a day and Day 12 . . . January 12, 2012

So today started out great!  I got up and hubby asked if we should go for a walk before the snow hit.  I said sure.  It started lightly snowing about halfway through the walk (about 9am or so).  I didn’t mind.  I LOVE SNOW!!  I was also happy to have the walk (2 miles) out-of-the-way.  We decided that we would attempt to go to a movie today.  The plan was to go yesterday, but if you read yesterday’s blog you know why that didn’t happen.  So I told him that if he didn’t want to drive in the snow it was ok.  But he said he wanted to go too.

So the plan was to leave the house at 1pm for a 1:45 showing of Sherlock Holmes 2.  It only takes maybe 15-20 minutes to get there on a normal day so that should give us plenty of time.  Well, we didn’t leave until 1:15 (not because of me)…but that was ok.  I love the previews but if we miss them, we miss them.  So we get out on the side streets ok and then we are on the ramp leading to the highway and as we are approaching we see the traffic at a standstill.  Of course there is nowhere to go but into the traffic mess.  Unreal!  We surmised there must have been an accident of some sort.  The radio station gives traffic reports every 10 minutes, but for some reason the first 2 reports don’t even mention it.  FINALLY they do, but they had the location a little off, but we figured we were stuck behind a trailer that had turned over and dumped a load of bricks.  We did move a little but then we stopped!  We got moving again about 2:20pm.  Obviously we had missed the movie, but hubby was bound and determined to see one…not going to sit in traffic that long for nothing; which was fine with me.  So we get to the theater and ask what is starting.  It is about 2:35 when we get inside and ask the guy behind the counter what is about to start.  Basically we had “Alvin and the Chipmunks” (NO!), The Muppets at 2:45pm or Young Adult at 3:05pm.  Hubby said let’s go for “The Muppets.”  I was leaning toward “Young Adult,” although I didn’t really want to see it either.  But give me some popcorn and I am happy.

The guy said if we didn’t like “The Muppets” we could go in to watch “Young Adult.”  OK!  So of course we had the entire theater to ourselves and we waited for the previews to start.  And they didn’t.  The picture on the screen hadn’t moved.  So we kept trying to get someone’s attention up in the projection room.  Apparently no one is actually in there.  I went to the lobby and told them the movie was not starting and the guy does a few mouse clicks on the computer and said “ok it is starting.”   So I get back in and the previews are started.  We watch the first 10 minutes of “The Muppets” and decide to try our luck with “Young Adult.”

Again, we had the theater to ourselves and we just had fun.  I can’t say it was that great of a movie, but we had fun talking loudly and overall just being silly.  I went to the bathroom once during and came back and hubby was down front hiding from me.  Stuff that you just can’t ordinarily do with a full house.  So after the movie we made our way back home.  Took us about 25 minutes.   Much better than getting there!

So that was our crazy adventure for today!

DAY 12:  If you are not yet a parent: What are you MOST looking forward to about parenthood?

If you asked me this question 10 years ago I would most certainly have had a different answer.  But now, my answer is, everything!  From the little everyday things to the big moments.  Changing diapers, watching them sleep, reading bedtime stories, dinner time, helping with the homework, holding their hand while you walk in the park, teaching them to ride a bike, listening to them talk about their day to seeing them graduate, get married, have kids of their own.  And yes even the tough times.  Seeing them pout when you tell them no TV, being there when they experience their first heartache, cleaning up scraped knees.  Everything!  Being the person they confide in, the one they can come to when they are sad, happy, or just need someone to listen.  Just being a good parent.

Thanks for reading.


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