now and ever more

each journey begins with one step . . . a baby step

easier with 2, movie and Day 5 . . . January 5, 2012

So this morning I did not feel like walking.  I figured I would hop on the treadmill later and maybe do 20 minutes.  Well, my hubby asked me if I wanted to walk and instead of saying no, I said ok.  So we walked another 2 miles with the dog (we always fit some fetch time in there too).  I am glad he brought it up and that he wanted to go.  It certainly helps to go through the whole weight loss thing with someone else; whether it is a spouse, friend or co-worker.

We just got back from seeing “War Horse.”  What a wonderful movie!  I loved how the story was put together and although there may have been one or two places where it was a tad bit slow, it was beautifully shot.  Bring kleenex if you are like me and a sucker for animals or just a good movie.

DAY 5:  List 15 facts about yourself.

1.  I am originally from St. Louis, MO.

2.  I am the youngest of 3 (2 older brothers).

3.  I have a Masters of Accountancy (Tax emphasis).

4.  I LOVE to draw and did not pursue it because I did not want to be a starving artist.

5.  I started working when I was 14.  I sold flowers at the airport (no I was not a Hare Krishna.)

6.  Unlike most women, I do NOT like to shop.  I will get in and out as fast as I can!  However I do love!

7.  I love to bake!  If I could I would bake something new everyday.  Of course this would cause me to gain a lot of weight.  So I save it for special occasions.

8.  I once ushered a Willie Nelson concert at the Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis and got to meet him after the show.

9.  I am a fan of Stephen King books.  I read my first one when I was about 13, “Pet Cemetery.”  I swore the cat, Church,  was under my bed every night when I went to sleep!

10.  I am a worrier!  Bigtime!  I worry about everything!  As I get older I am trying not to worry as much…baby steps.

11.  “Wizard of Oz” is my all-time favorite movie.  I remember, as a kid, being able to watch it on local TV every year, until Ted Turner bought it.  Those flying monkeys still freak me out…but not as much as the Oompa Loompa’s from Willy Wonka!

12.  I met my husband on (I was in St. Louis and he was in Chicago).

13.  My husband and I dated long-distance for the entire dating relationship and I didn’t move to be with him until a month after we got back from our honeymoon.

14.  We have a dog named Buddy.  He is a mini goldendoodle and just turned 2 after Christmas.

15.  My favorite color is blue.

Thanks for reading!


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