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less than 1 . . . December 22, 2011

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Got the call yesterday that my HCG level was finally less than 1.  I have also stopped bleeding.  So I can finally move on.  Well, for the most part.  Still have emotional breakdowns every once in a while.  But I know in time those will be fewer and fewer.

Now we can officially move on and focus on the next one.  Third time is the charm!!  IT WILL BE!!!!

I will be gone from here for a few days as we are going to my parents for Christmas.  And since we are going to wait until maybe March or April for IVF #3, I decided to undertake a new challenge:  to lose 20 pounds!  So I will probably blog about that for the next couple of months.  And our next doctor’s appointment is January 30…hopefully that goes well and we get a great game plan in place!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!  Have a blessed and safe holiday!!

Thanks for reading!


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