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ready to move on . . . December 16, 2011

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just wish my body was….

Went to doctor’s office today and my HCG level is at 6.06.  So I have to go back on Wednesday for another test.  They need to make sure it goes below 5.  I have been bleeding heavily since yesterday afternoon and cramping badly.  Hope this doesn’t go on for much longer.  I am ready for this to be over.  I know I am not the first woman to go through a miscarriage, but it is definitely harder than I thought it would be.  Well, actually I never thought about it, I guess.  But, wow.

I did ask the nurse when we can start our next IVF  cycle ( and most likely our last) and basically I have to get my period after this.  She said that may come 3-4 weeks after I stop bleeding from the miscarriage.  So time-wise…we could do an IVF in Feb or March.  We are mostly likely going to shoot for March, or maybe April.  I hate that my insurance does not cover this.  If the Federal government lets you take infertility expenses as a tax deduction, insurance companies should be required to cover them with NO loopholes!!!!

I can’t believe Christmas is almost here. Where did this year go?  Well, I think next year will be the year for us.  I have to believe that and keep the faith.  God has a plan for us and I hope that plan is to have a baby.  At least I keep praying for that.

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One Response to “ready to move on . . .”

  1. Katherine Says:

    I am so proud of you. I know this is tough, but you seem to be doing well. I am so glad that you have P and B to keep your mind occupied. Hang in there, girl!

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