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on the rise . . . December 6, 2011

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Sorry I forgot to post yesterday.  It started out as a tough day and ended up great and busy.

So I went to the doctor’s office to get my blood drawn.  The nurse told me that the number would “most likely be below 5 today, but that stranger things have happened.”  Needless to say this kind of upset me and when I got home and told my husband, he felt the same and we called the nurse.  She said that she tells her patients the truth about all possible outcomes so that we are prepared.  I understand, but it was still tough to hear.  I think it bothered my husband more than he would say, but I could tell.  I tried my best to remain positive through the day and keep myself busy.  It was not easy!  I was home when the phone call came in, but let it go to voicemail as I wanted my husband here so we could hear the news together.

He got home and the first thing we did was listen to the message and the number went up!!  16.7!!  Still low, but it is moving in the right direction! 

So I go back Wednesday, Friday and then next Monday, Wednesday and Friday to check levels.  The nurse said as long as the levels increase by 66% every 48 hours we are good.  So I will take that! 

All the prayers are appreciated!!!  Keep them coming!!

Thanks for reading!


One Response to “on the rise . . .”

  1. Stacey Says:

    Wonderful news!!! Can’t wait to hear the next jump in hcg!!! Congrats!

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