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PUPO . . . November 20, 2011

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That means Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise.

So I need to catch things up.  Sorry I haven’t been around for a bit.  Trying to get projects around the house done before today.

On Wednesday, November 16 we had our monitoring appointment.  Things couldn’t have been better.  My estrogen was at a great level and my uterine lining was at 11!  They told me they like to see it between 6 and 8, so we were very happy!  I got the call later that evening and we got our appointment time for the transfer on Sunday.  10:30am.  So I kicked things in high gear to get them done before Sunday.  Got all the Christmas decorations up and the lights outside, cleaned, laundry.  Then Friday came . . .

Yes I turned 40.  I have never been that troubled with my age.  I joked with my family about getting old, but it is just a number.  After all, I don’t think I look 40.  But then you factor in this darn fertility thing and BAM!  40 is not a good number, heck at 35 they tell you to only try for 6 months before you seek professional help.   So here I am at 40 now and undergoing an embryo transfer.

I do have to say that this time around (2nd IVF) I have felt much better about things, physically and more importantly mentally.  I do believe in the power of positive thinking and therefore I AM going to get pregnant this time!  I just know one or more of those embryos are looking around my uterus for just the right spot to snuggle in to.

So last night as I went to bed, I could not help but feel like a child the night before Christmas.  I know that sounds funny, but it was true.  I got up this morning and could not wait!  I managed to eat a small breakfast, take my meds and we were on our way.  Thankfully it was a Sunday.  Traffic was light and we were able to find street parking right in front of the door!

We got there right on time at 9:30am, signed the paperwork and they took me right back to change.  Now we wait.  All the while I am working on drinking water because it isn’t enough that you have to be on all of these hormone changing medications, then go through surgery to have your eggs removed, but now you must have a full bladder to have the embryos transferred.  Apparently having a full bladder pushes your uterus into a position so that the doctor can see (on ultrasound) where to put those little guys.

Well, my bladder was working perfectly if not better than perfect.  My appointment was at 10:30am.  That came and went and there were 3 ladies ahead of me.  So I actually had to “release” some of the pressure on my bladder at least 5-6 times before it was my turn.  You are not supposed to empty your bladder, so each time I would release some and then 15-20 minutes later had to go again!  Apparently there was a surgery bumped in front of us that is what took so long.  And I have to hand it to my wonderful husband for keeping the mood light.  I wasn’t the easiest person to be around with the pain emanating from my bladder, but he did he best to help take my mind off of it.

Finally it was my turn.  The doctor came over to us and gave us the report.  They thawed the embryos yesterday and 2 of the 3 continued to grow.  One had not changed.  And that is when I actually teared up.  I was praying that I had 3 to put in and so it upset me more than I expected.  The 2 that continued to grow were graded at 3-4.  4 is the highest so we were happy about that and the doctor told us we could go ahead and put all 3 in just for good measure; and we did.

So I am officially PUPO!  🙂  And the for the next few days I sit here in bed waiting for at least one of these little embabies to attach.  I feel good and know this will be the one!  This month has brought mine and my husband’s 3rd wedding anniversary (Nov 15), my 40th birthday and now today our baby.  And one other thing that I noticed about today, not that I am into numerology or anything, but today is 11-20-2011 – looks good to me!

Thanks for reading!


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